LUSH Parramatta Grand Re-Opening

159-175 Church St, Parramatta

My earliest memories of LUSH are back in the day when they had a store in Westfield Chatswood (which has just had its own little re-opening). Right on the ground floor, the rich and inviting smells were but an elusive whiff before I was whisked off for school shoe shopping, grocery runs or (if I was lucky) Maccas. Sadly, that store is long gone now, but it only adds to the mythic allure of one of the most recognisable and ethically responsible beauty brands in operation today.

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The Grounds by the Sea

Marks Park, Bondi

I’m a bit of a foodie.

I may or may not have a tumblr URL reserved for the day I start an actual food blog, I may or may not have taken unsuspecting friends to “cute little places” I’ve actually never visited before, and my inner gastronome may or may not have egged me on to brave the 30-minute wait for food at The Grounds of Alexandria‘s Bondi outpost at Sculpture by the Sea on Sunday – dragging along with it everyone accompanying me, of course.

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Thom Browne SS15

Images via LA Times, NY Mag, Vogue and the Thom Browne Twitter.

As you probably know, I don’t live in New York. I’ve never even been to New York. And I’m far too obscure a blogger for anyone to even consider shipping me out there (but if anyone reading is considering it, please do, I’ll sit in economy class!!) for fashion week. For all these reasons and more, I’ve kind of abandoned the idea of commenting on NYFW: what do I have to say that the huddled masses actually at the Lincoln Centre don’t? Well, it may not be original, but I felt the need to break with habit and say it anyway – Thom Browne rocked.

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Three Williams

613a Elizabeth St, Redfern

You know those places that just make you feel at home? Where they know your name, your face, your usual order? Well, I’m still on the hunt for a place like that, flitting from café to café and restaurant to restaurant all over our fair city – but Three Williams is a place that gives a damn good approximation even when you’ve only been there a handful of times.

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Margiela x Swarovski

“Naturally and spontaneously, an imposing crystal emerges from its raw, stony origin, a Crystalactite is born.”

A collection almost two years in the works: maybe it’s fitting that it took me about a year to bring this pair of earrings into my own jewellery collection.

In recent years, Maison Martin Margiela has seemingly collaborated with everyone: H&M, Omexa, Converse, Mykita, the Swarovski atelier… the list goes on. While there are obvious economic advantages to producing collaborative collections (and the collaborations’ proximity to Diesel’s takeover of MMM is not to be ignored), something that’s given each collaboration a real ‘must-have’ factor is how much thought and difference has gone into each one. From the curation of years of Margiela clothing into the H&M capsule collection, to this experimental fusion of natural elements for Swarovski, Maison Martin Margiela actually takes their collaborations seriously, which is probably why I’m a such sucker for them.

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