Travelogue: Byron Bay

πŸ“ Byron Bay, New South Wales

What’s a long weekend without a road trip? After driving to and from Jervis Bay for Easter, the bf and I did the (much longer) drive up to the Queensland border in celebration of our reigning monarch. And if you’re not planning to hit that “Continue reading” link, let me spoil it for you now: the coast is beaches, beaches and more beaches.

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Art Life

Vivid Sydney 2016

Another year, another Vivid outing with the squad.

When you say you’ve been to Vivid people usually respond with, “how was it?”, but, let’s be honest: it’s a bunch of flashing lights. I saw the show they put on at Darling Harbour for the first time this year, after missing it every year walking through other exhibits, and it kind of crystallised that for me: it was a bunch of laser lights on the harbour, to the tune of cheesy pop music. Like most public art festivals in Sydney, it’s designed to be pretty, show off our landscape, and be an outing. It’s not really the art we’re here for.

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Travelogue: Jervis Bay

πŸ“ Jervis Bay, New South Wales

Anyone reading this from the great state of New South Wales will know the dual feeling of freedom and restriction that comes with getting your P1 driver’s license. For one, you can drive by yourself, wherever, and whenever you want – but on the other hand, there’s still a myriad of limits (from speed limits to passenger ages) on you and years to go before the P-plates come off your car. But I’m pretty sure it was the freedom side that spurred me to take a few days down the coast (with the bf in tow) to beautiful Jervis Bay, following the Easter long weekend.

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LUSH Parramatta Grand Re-Opening

πŸ“ 159-175 Church St, Parramatta

My earliest memories of LUSH are back in the day when they had a store in Westfield Chatswood (which has just had its own little re-opening). Right on the ground floor, the rich and inviting smells were but an elusive whiff before I was whisked off for school shoe shopping, grocery runs or (if I was lucky) Maccas. Sadly, that store is long gone now, but it only adds to the mythic allure of one of the most recognisable and ethically responsible beauty brands in operation today.

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Runway Travel

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

πŸ“ V&A Museum, London

When the Alexander McQueen retrospective at the Met was announced back in 2011, there was no way I was going to go. Firstly, it sold out almost immediately, and secondly, I was 16, and as such had no means to travel to New York whether I wanted to or not. So I let it slide.

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